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About $30 million in bitcoins were stored on the deposits of the Wall Street Market platform. The creators of the market have stolen all the funds and are actively engaged in laundering them by mixing transactions.

It was yours, it became ours

The popular underground market in the darknet, known as the Wall Street Market, has closed, and its creators have stolen all the cryptocurrency deposited by the clients of the site.

A week before, the Wall Street Market administration said that the resource had some “problems with Bitcoin servers.” From the same moment, the clients of the platform lost access to their deposited funds. As with many other similar sites, payment for goods is carried out through deposits, where buyers place their money, and suppliers, having provided delivery of goods, can write them off.

The platform’s deposits held cryptocurrencies worth about $30 million, which have now disappeared. However, not without a trace: forum users we tracked the movement of bitcoins from the Wall Street Market and found that all these funds were transferred to an external wallet, then divided and transferred to new wallets (“transaction mixing” was performed). Apparently, the process will continue: the more wallets they change, the more difficult it will be to track the movement of funds.

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