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Wall Street Market is blackmailing some market customers, promising to hand over information about them to law enforcement agencies if they do not pay 0.05 bitcoin.

Only the skin is expensive

It is possible that the creators of the Wall Street Market themselves are trying to insure themselves against persecution: law enforcement agencies have recently become very active in catching dealers in prohibited goods. Since the beginning of this year, FBI agents have arrested 61 suppliers of drugs for underground markets. This news was the reason for the closure of one of the most popular drug markets in the darknet – Dream Market.

Apparently, most of the market’s clients tried to move their operations to the Wall Street Market, and this could well mean increased attention from law enforcement (especially if one of these clients is already in development).

“Most likely, the creators of the market really decided that it was easier to hide, having “laundered” the stolen cryptocurrency on the way, than to deal with the judicial and penitentiary system,” says Alexander Khamitov, an information security expert at SEC Consult Services. – It is very difficult to track the funds after the transaction mixer, and if disposable wallets were also used, then it will be impossible to find the stolen at all. So they may well get away with fraud. It is obvious, however, that the niche occupied by Wall Street Market will not be empty for a long time: the clientele of Dream Market and Wall Street Market will soon find a new platform – darknet does not experience a shortage in them.”

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